Frequently Asked Questions

What is Story First Blogging?

Story First Blogging was conceived to change the way professional photographers think of blogging.

You see, we believe every photoshoot and client have an inherent story. Their story at that moment in time. Combining the client story with your thoughts and emotions as a photographer uncovers a powerful built-in narrative. The trick is getting it out and into words.

So, what is it?

Story First Blogging is a system of client questionnaires, forms for you, the photographer, (the ones we use at Fotoskribe), and a worksheet to bring it all together.

It’s as simple as setting up a blogging workflow with the tools we provide in the packages. Send the questionnaires to clients before the shoot, then go out and rock your shoot. Afterwards, fill out the forms to capture the details, and turn those thoughts into a Story First Blog – with a clear beginning, middle, and end.

With these tools, the words almost write themselves.

What is included in the package(s)?

Story-First-Blogging-Included-in-Package-GraphicThe packages each come with an overall blogging checklist and Story First Blogging information page. The magic lies in the included forms for you to fill out as the photographer, and the set of questionnaires for you to send to your clients for their input.

Will I be able to create a blog using this as soon as I download it?

Yes, the forms are created with leading questions to help you think about your photoshoots in a different way, a way that is easier to write to. You can download the package and use them immediately to help you get the words out.

But the overall goal is to help you set up a blogging workflow, with the client questionnaires used in conjunction with the forms, so you are never stuck searching for what to say again.

I struggle with writing for SEO, will these help me do that?

Because of Google’s ever-changing algorithms, we caution you not to write just for SEO.

Story First Blogging is a system to help you create story-based blogs every time. These are blogs that will appeal to people and search engine robots alike.

We do give tips on things to link and potential target keyword suggestions, but the intention is to help you make meaningful content that potential clients will be able to relate to, and want to book you, even before you meet.

The number one thing you can do for your blogging to boost your SEO is to blog on a regular and consistent basis. One blog a week at the same day and time will get you more results than writing with keywords only.

I’m worried about sounding like everyone else...

The truth is, if you answer in your voice, then you won’t sound like anyone else, you will sound like YOU and there is only one of them! We believe that done is better than perfect, but acknowledge it is a point where a lot of creatives (us included!) get stuck in their blogging.

Story First Blogging aims to help you build a blogging workflow, so for the clients that you loved and want to wax poetic about, you can! And for the situations where you may not know as much about the clients, but still want to feature the images, you have plenty of backup to work with – both in the forms and the client questionnaires.

Are the documents included in the package best viewed printed or on the computer?

Whichever you prefer! They have been designed to be functional printed, or you can write directly into the PDF forms. Just open and click on the answer section to see, even the checkboxes in the checklist can be clicked on and off. The questionnaires are a little cleaner design-wise, as they were meant to be copy & pasted directly into your emails for client correspondence.

It still seems like so much work, can you just blog for me?

Yes, actually we can! Story First Blogging was created by the team at Fotoskribe, the Photographer’s Blogger. Fotoskribe is a blogging service where we blog for you. All you need to do is upload your images and fill out our forms. We schedule you for a weekly blog day & time and help you hit that blog day every time.

If you purchase Story First Blogging and find you still aren’t blogging after a few months, feel free to come back to Fotoskribe, we’ll give you your first month free and see if that is a better fit for your blogging needs!